Hi there everybody!

Just wanted to give a heads-up.  The online bakery will be down for the holidays to accommodate our employees.

We will be back-up again soon and happy to take your orders. 

Thank you so much for your continued support.

May peace and good blessings find their way to you in 2012 and always!   (R) 
My super picky eater, Ethan, finally tried a GF Boulder Bar this week. I was nervous since he usually only eats my GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites or Papa's Choc Chip Bar. But, my husband encouraged me to go ahead. We opened the package and within 5 minutes, Ethan was asking for ANOTHER Boulder Bar. I had to ask him "honey, what did you say"? It turns out that he LOVES these now. So tonight I made up fresh Boulder Bars...except I substituted dried cherries for the cranberries, omitted the almonds (Nut Free) at school, and I didn't have any sunflower seeds at home. Instead of threw in some extra oats and they came out great. 
Colleen has done a blog post for promoting Helping Hands Bakery.  Find her post here.

Bethany is the blogger-in-charge at Gluten Free In Utah.  

Here is an excerpt of her blog on Helping Hands Bakery. You can read the rest by clicking here.  :

" Gluten Free Product Review: Helping Hands Bakery

Remember when I first mentioned Helping Hands Bakery and said I was excited to try them? Well, they sent me a package of goodies, so I was able to!

Helping Hands Bakery is an awesome gluten free bakery that also provides jobs and job training for adults with special needs. They’re located in Boulder, Colorado, but you can purchase their products at Whole Foods Markets in Utah (and CO, NM, and KS) as well as online."

Read the rest at Gluten Free in Utah.
Hold the Gluten Podcast from December 2nd, 2011.

You can find it by clicking the link here.

Hold the Gluten is hosted by Maureen Stanley.  She lives with celiac disease.
Next week I have a meeting with Autism Speaks to discuss my ideas to create a Helping Hands Bakery Vocational Training Center. I'm so excited!! More to come!! Also, I'll be getting ready for my meeting with a Social Venture Fund group. Wish us luck!! It's my dream to provide people with autism and all types of abilities with job training and jobs where they can be as self reliant as possible! Everyone has gifts to give. Have a great night! Bridget